Thursday, July 03, 2008

Bad Detectives at the Thunderbolt Bristol

While at the Thekla my pal Graham picked up a flyer - Bad Detectives - didn't you used to be in a bad with that name? I inspected it and felt a burst of pride - 'it's them - they're amazing now - well worth going to - it's all sorts of music - surf, rockabilly, cajun, country - all with a humorous twist - all their own stuff'. They're doing the Thunderbolt, which is rapidly becoming a premiere music venue on July 19th backed with 'Poppy Von Tarte - the girl who can't say no' which I am guessing is a burlesque rock and roll experience. Also the djs look pretty special... I might even venture out of my comfort zone again - see ya there music lovers?
Also the Bad Detectives are back on the radio for the Frome festival from the 4th July - schedules here.
Hear the Bad Detectives on their Myspace