Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Will Hay 'Go to Blazes' (1942)

Light hearted public information film about extinguishing incendiary bombs starring the great Will Hay - one of Britain's best movie comics. I just love hearing his voice - something about his bumbling persona that resonates with me. He was a really intelligent man in real life studying astronomy. Go to The Next Train's Gone - a Will Hay fansite to learn more about the man and his co-stars. Graham Moffat used to run the Englishcombe Inn in Bath after his career as a troublesome youth was over.
If you are interested there is a Will Hay Box Set containing Ask A Policeman (1939), Boys Will be Boys (1935), Oh Mr Porter (1937), Convict 99 (1939), Old Bones Of The River (1938), Where There's A Will (1936), Good Morning Boys (1937), Hey! Hey! USA (1938), and Windbag The Sailor (1936).
My grandfather's house in Radstock got bombed with an incendiary - my Uncle Cliff scooped it up in his sports jacket and tossed it out the window. The adjoining woods briefly caught fire and got mentioned by Lord Haw Haw in his broadcast as a forest fire raging south of Bath.