Monday, November 10, 2008

Another Animals and Men description

Thanks Volcanic Tongue this is better - no 'crap blues guitarist' here... 'psych/blues/prole art' I like!

New on Mississippi Records, a compilation of alla the 45s and early demos from this great UK DIY group based in the Somerset town of Frome 1979-83. Originally dubbing themselves Psychotic Reaction, Animals + Men were a weird group in the way that they applied garage and blues forms to classic nowhere UK-style punk attitude and primitive, sludgy rock songs cut up with keyboard, harmonica and great female vocals. Their first single, “Don’t Misbehave In The New Age” was a Peel favourite and a minor indie hit when it came out in 1980 but by 1981 the original band had split and morphed into The Terraplanes who went on to release three further 45s that expanded on the primitive psych/blues/prole art feel of the original group. Some of the demos here turned up on a Hyped 2 Death/Messthetics release but it feels great to have alla the best-loved material from this obscure collective pulled together on one slab of vinyl. Comes with an insert with liners, pics and track commentary.