Friday, January 13, 2006

Lew Lewis 'Save The Wail'

I was wondering this evening - like you do - what happened to Lew Lewis? - he made some great modern rockin' blues tracks with Canvey bands the Hot Rods and the Feelgoods in the mid 70s - at his heyday he had an album on Stiff I think and even had his own promotional harmonica to give out at gigs. When I was an r'n'b singer harpist in the Bad Detectives we used to do a cover of the Hot Rods ''Horseplay' which was a firm favourite among our 'fans' as well as other Lewis 'hits'.
Anyway he's alive and sort of well as the above link shows - if you haven't heard 'Caravan Man' 'Out for a Lark' or 'Boogie on the Streets' then try and track them down. Come back Lew - we need a harp maestro like you so the younger kids can learn how its done!

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