Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Commissar (1967) (English subtitles)

Wiki on the movie. The bumph on Youtube says. Based on the story by V. Grossman "In the Town of Berdichev".
A female commissar named Vavilova has to leave her detachment for a while. She is expecting a baby... Staying with the Jewish family of a petty artisan, who has many children of his own, and observing the everyday life of those poor but always ready to help people, Madame Vavilova, as she is called by the head of the family, Yefim Magazannik, discovers a hitherto unknown to her world of human joys, the happy pleasures of motherhood and family life. But soon she has to return to the realities of war and leave her newborn son with her new friends...
The fate of the film was tragic. The film was banned for twenty years in the Soviet Union; the censorship board considered it "pro-Zionist" due to its sympathetic portrayal of Jews. IMDB