Monday, January 21, 2008

Robert Nighthawk Live on Maxwell Street

This clip says it all really when it comes to understanding the blues. Maxwell street in Chicago was the place for musicians to play during the day and this is a fine example of electric blues from 1964. I love the lyrics; 'I went down to Eli's - to get my pistol out of pawn - when I got back home my woman had gone... Yeah I'm gonna murder my babe - if she don't stop cheatin' and lyin' - I'd rather be in penitentiary than to be worried outta my mind'. We've all been there haven't we? Actually there is a serious point to me posting this clip - apart from the music - watch the people dancing - that's what blues was essentially - dance music - forget earnest white people sitting spellbound - blues was about people having a drink and a dance in the juke joints, in the streets wherever - never forget that and we'll get along just fine... watch footage of Maxwell Street in its prime here